Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Workin' on a shirt and painting

So the plan is for a Tshirt design and a painting of the same graphic to be sent up to a dear friend for his shop's anniversary. I'll get to that, but first check out my buddy's deal...

Hobo's Tattoo Shop in Portsmouth New Hampshire will be celebrating their 27th year in business, and it's 10th owned by my good friend Jason Scott. Jason is a hell of a tattooer, and a badass painter as well. He has been busy as hell working on the shop, painting, putting on shows, and oh yeah, tattooing full time as well. somewhere he found the time to paint all of these in the past few months... click on the photo to check out Hobo's myspace page...

As for the artwork I'm putting together for their show, it's in the works. So far here is what ive got rolling. The idea is to go with the New Hampshire state motto of "Live Free or Die" the rest of the toast that became the motto is "Death is not the Worst of Evils" Pretty much the most badass saying ever. So the main part is pretty obvious, the Zombie revolutionary soldier is going inside the frame. It all works in theory, ill post more photos when its finished.

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