Tuesday, September 22, 2009

landed in London this morning

Turk (http/::www.lhblk.com) and I got in this morning. It was an uneventful flight over, which is to say a fine flight. After a slight hangup at customs we got to our hotel just fine. It's not too bad, but it is indeed small. We got in to find their idea of two twin beds was a bit off from ours. Two tiny beds pushed together like we are an old married couple. Add to that I'm 6'3" and Turk is 6'9" it is sort of comical. Needless to say the beds were moved immediately. They're still tiny, but there will be no unexpected cuddling.
We will be headed out for some drinks and walking around town this evening. Not much more to report beyond saying I'll have more interesting additions later.

Oh and the Turk quote of the day...
" I'm reassembling a pig in my belly "
While we both enjoyed a breakfeast with black(blood) pudding, sausage, and bacon.
More later...


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