Sunday, May 6, 2012

A fresh start with Thomas Paine.

It has been far too long since my last real entry here. Over the past several months my attention has been solely getting the new shop renovated, opened, and finally getting settled in. We had our first formal event/opening and it was a huge success. (For more info on that, check out the shop's blog.) So now, I feel I can try to settle into some semblance of a new routine. Hopefully this will involve making more quality time with the lady and the mutts, drawing/painting, fishing/kayaking, and maybe even taking a class or two. I have wanted to learn French for years, but I digress. The point is, with the new space and all of positive influences that brings, I really hope to continue in a solid forward direction... With hopefully a bit more time for introspection and calm that has been missing lately. That my friends, is where the blog comes in.

When I first started keeping a blog I intended to use it as some sort of motivation and/or inspiration point. Both for myself and for anyone inclined to read on. For me it allows the opportunity to crystallize my thoughts in a way similar to keeping a journal. Writing it knowing others may read it is the aspect that keeps me on my toes. It forces me to finish out thoughts and ideas I would normally not embellish were I merely writing for myself.

With all of that said, the primary point of this post is a painting tribute to Thomas Paine I had done last month. It was for a good friends group show in Maryland. The theme of the show was also the title of the show. Simply the size restriction of "8x10". The first year he did the show, I had submitted a stonewall Jackson tribute. I figured on keeping the historical tribute aspect, and had been fascinated with the story of Thomas Paine. To try to explain the story of his life and more particularly the aspects that motivated the elements of this painting would take far more than most folks have the patience to read. I plan to make prints of this available and will write and enclose a brake down of the imagery for anyone interested.

Below are the process photos of the artwork and of course the finished piece.
Thanks so much to Chico for letting me be involved in his show.
Thanks to you for caring to look at it.

Above shows the beginning stage. Research and notes. There are so many facets to Mr. Paine's life it was hard to figure a direction to take the painting. Then I got to reading about his death. Again, there is too much to get into here. Just know his story goes on and gets extremely bizarre.

1st thumbnail that actually captured a layout and feel I wanted in the final.

A bit more flushed out, at 8x10

Working out the individual sections.

Inked lines on cold press arches.

In progress and work area.

The final. "Thomas Paine. Author of Common Sense."