Monday, November 16, 2009

The Last Days of Fall

The past few weeks have been relaxing. After the past few months, Ill take the chance to enjoy what little bit of fall is left. We got out today to walk Hoss around at Highrocks. It was absolutely what we needed. A perfect evening spent walking all over one of my favorite parks. Hoss definitely enjoys anytime he gets to jump around on rocks and roots. Holly was patient with me while I took a ton of pictures. I'll post a few of them below.

Tattooing has once again been all about ongoing pieces. I started a few new ones, and continued on a bunch. I can't wait to get some of these done, though I have really been looking forward to each sitting. It's nice to have work I can really get involved with. As much as I have fought the idea of having a particular style or look to my work in the past ... I have actually been excited to have more and more folks looking for my take on their ideas. It really feels like my work has evolved over the past year or two, largely because I have actually been focusing on my approach to each tattoo. I have always taken each tattoo seriously and certainly don't want to give the impression otherwise. The change is the thought that I have always held back from trying to have too much of "me" in my work. Again, trying to avoid a style or particular look. I have definitely gotten better at walking the line of how to interpret what is asked of me. Below are a few photos of recent works in progress. I'm so unbelievably grateful to my customers for the interest in my work, and the trust to let me really run with their ideas.

The last group of photos below are a bit older. They are from a trip to the Golden Nugget flea market back in September. I love the bizarre pieces of history, and the way folks present them. I took most of the photos on the sly, so its fun to see what shots come out.

Take care