Monday, May 31, 2010

gone fishin'

I have had my hands full with work and illustration assignments for the past month. I have every intent of posting what has been getting done... just not the energy to really get into anything heavy or overly thought driven in this post. The result of being busy as hell, is the lack of motivation in talking about it.
So here are the photos of some of the more relaxed moments this month. More specifically some shots from a few nights out by the river and the lake.
There has been so much on my mind lately, that it makes it hard to focus. I've been so damn busy with drawing and tattooing, there hasn't been the chance to really decompress and sort through day to day stresses. late at night, sitting alone by the water is about as perfect an opportunity to clear my head as any. Here's the proof...

Monday, May 3, 2010

broken dolls

The past few weeks have been a tad on the hectic side. Between Hospital visits, tattoo conventions, and just flat out working my tail off… there is no shortage of things to talk about. I’ll eventually get to the other activities, but this post will cover a trip with some friends to an antique flea market. So here’s the story:

I was lucky enough to get out to Rennenger’s antique flea market a few Thursdays ago. I went with a couple of good friends, Turk and Elvis Lewis. All three of us found a thing or two we couldn’t live without. In Turk’s case a bit more than Elvis and I. That fella has a mission when he hits these things, and he finds some pretty damn creepy/cool stuff. He tends toward the macabre with his taste, and this trip didn’t disappoint. I’ll leave it to him to post about his finds, he keeps his blog at his site Left Hand Black.

One of the things I really enjoy while antique shopping is taking photos of the stuff that catches my eye. I think it helps keep me from buying every damn thing I come across. I tend to do it on the sly with my little digital camera. The fun part trying to be stealthy, is not really knowing how the photos are going to turn out. Sometimes I even forget the stuff I shot, till I get home and go over them all. I usually tend to lean towards the particularly creepy and weird things people sell. I’m sure there is value in some of this stuff, but I can’t for the life of me figure out to whom. The folks that are selling this stuff travel from event to event across the country, so I’m sure they know better than I.

Anyhow below are the photos from our trip. Don’t forget you can click on the image to see it full size.

Take care,