Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mission Statement

I'm gonna just get this rolling with a mission statement. Both for myself, and for anyone taking the time to read and view what I have to say and show. My main goal with this is all about inspiration. Mainly in the artistic sense, but occasionally in the more pseudo spiritual/intellectual manner as well.

When I can, I hope to show artwork I have been working on for tattoos and otherwise. Also to show some of the things that inspire me. Photography, other artists work, whatever seems to be hitting me that day.

If possible I would like to make it a semi regular exercise. I’m doing this primarily for me, but in this format it will force me to keep things more thought out, clear and concise.

I’m sure there will also be a bit more of a journal vibe to things. More venting and bitching than just inspiration. So lets see how this plays out, and hopefully ill make upcoming posts more interesting than a damned mission statement. As I said, this was more for me to establish what the hell I’m doing.