Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hobo's final artwork, and more on sleeve

This week I finished the illustration for Hobo's anniversary party. The sketches and concept art were posted in a previous post here. The final line work was scanned and made as a giclee print on watercolor paper. Then i stained the paper with tea and coffee, and its good to go.
It will be part of:

Hobo’s Anniversary Party/Art Show featuring Micah Blue Smaldone

Date/Time: Saturday May 30, 2009
Time: 8:00pm - 12:00am
Entry Type: Anniversary
Location: Loaf and Ladle
Street Adr: 106 Penhallow
City: Portsmouth
State: New Hampshire
Zip: 03801
Notes: Celebrating over 25 years in Portsmouth! Come celebrate with us. No cover charge, free food, and an art show and music

As for the tattoo...
This is the 3rd sitting on this sleeve. The overall concept is to have ghost pirates being pulled into the underworld through a gateway. Today's sitting was this ghost. There is a swirling pattern to continue from one ghost to the other, with a flame pattern whirling throughout as well. It was about 2 1/2 hours worth of line and shading. The entire thing will be colored in a later sitting. I've been really lucky to have the chance to work on some pretty damn fun tattoos lately. The fella that is getting this one drives up from Baltimore for each appointment. With dedication like that to his tattoo, it really makes it easy to put my all into it as well.


  1. im totally digging that tattoo... im hoping to come up sat if all goes well.. =)

  2. Ya man, I saw this on Jesse's arm yesterday at work. After looking around so long, losing nearly all faith in the entire area's tattooing ability, it stood out immediately in both it's character and quality, not to mention design, which is downright badass. I had to ask, "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?" Hah- he pointed me to you, and man, I am so amazed by you and your studios work, and will be contacting you shortly. Kudos galore, man.

  3. Thanks Guys! I really appreciate the kind comments. It means the world to have other artists even take the time to look at my stuff, let alone take the time to comment on it.

    clare... To be clear, i won't be up at the party. I'm gonna be up in two weeks. It sucks ill miss it, but i had my time off to come up booked before i knew about the party. ah well, at least im gettin up there. i cant wait! I'll give ya word when i know specifics so maybe we can go get some grub while we are in New England.

    Mike (feeb)... So i just went snooping around your blog. Holy Crap man! Your illustrations are amazing. Id be absolutely stoked to work with you on a tattoo. Jesse is a good man, and any friend of his i look forward to meeting.

    be well guys,

  4. Im diggin the fuck out of that painting! Has a SF vibe, but still looks non copied. I normally dont "like" ZOMBIES (or undead) in a positive way, because I think they are scum and should fucking die, but with this one I would even have it tattooed. Maybe ;) Great stuff Scott!