Friday, May 15, 2009

More zombie stunts... Hells yeah

Today i got to add on to a zombie themed forearm 1/2 sleeve i started a few weeks ago. It all started with the guy in the suit. That was the only specific character the fella wanted to work in to the scene. He described it as a Zombie in a suit, reaching out... so that's what he got. That one still needs color in the face and hands. He was happy enough with that part so far, that he is letting me finish out the rest however i see fit. Awesome!

The game plan is to have a full street scene. Ill post photos of the layout for all of that when it gets fully figured out. As for today's sitting, I drew up the girl that got her arm pulled off by the feeding redneck in the background. We got the line work and most of the color on that section today. All in all its a challenge, but fun as hell trying to make all of it into a coherent scene. I drew it all on to be sure things would fit together, and read well... but i lost the photos to a camera problem. Ah well.
Heres what i have for now...

Thanks for checking this stuff out. The whole goal to this blog is to motivate, myself and anyone that happens to check out the page. By all means let me know what you think.
Be well


  1. this is outta hand Scott! cool as hell!

  2. thanks man, i really appreciate that, especially from you!

  3. i think this is awesome. i just found your blog, i was showing someone at work your website!

  4. Hey Brandi! Thanks a ton. I just got started on the whole blog thing. It has been interesting so far. its an odd way to put yourself out there, but it is making me think about my projects in another light. Kinda cool really.

    I hope you guys are well. Stop in whenever you are around.
    Tell yer honey hello for me as well.

  5. Looking good, Scott. The detail in the rib area of the zombie is pretty bonkers.