Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The days events..

Today was a fair mix of prep and drawing time, with some on the fly i forgot i had to draw action.

First was the prepared drawing. This one I'm really stoked for. The fella came in and asked for a "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" rib tattoo. A pretty good size to work with, and a bad as hell idea. It was fun getting to show him the sheet of flash with the same theme I had recently started painting. Pretty crazy.
The first part of the artwork was drawn to fit on his hip, but i wanted to see how that fit before i add the top half for his ribs. It fit great, and there is plenty of room to fit death, ice, and the ghost ship. The design is based slightly on the artwork of Dore, but he allowed me the freedom to do it my own way.

As for the forgotten drawing, it was for a fellas hand. He wanted the date of his upcoming wedding, and his upcoming wife's name a little smaller. A tad risky for the tattoo to come before the wedding bells, but who am I to judge. He was willing to let me fancy it up a bit with some roses and banners, so here it is.

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