Monday, February 1, 2010

less whine more substance...

So my last post was a bit on the negative side. Im sure I will get back on that topic again, but for now I’ll get back to the usually scheduled subject matter…

My head has been all over the place lately so it has been hard to focus long enough on any one thing to accomplish as much as I would like. I keep giving myself extra homework on top of my drawing for tattoos for each day. Some days, my focus is unwavering, and others I can’t even get a line on a page. Creativity is definitely something that comes and goes for me. I’m sure most folks reading this can relate. To a degree that is why I have been keeping this blog, to motivate myself as much as hopefully some other folks as well.

The Milan convention is coming up mid month, so I have been trying to get a new painting done for that. I have the concept drawing/layout figured out, the hotpress is stained and ready to go, I just need to transfer it and get to painting. Hell, there was even a point of going out to take some photos for reference. It feels good to go find the settings myself, instead of just finding photos from flickr or some other photo database. The photos that are going to be used are all from the creek just down from my home. Passing it every day, it will be fun to interpret it within the scene. One of these Sundays, I will just have to get my act together and set up a box to paint from life rather than photos. I’m pretty excited with the concept so the drawing came together pretty quick. I will post the storyline for the illustration once it is finished, for now I’ll just put up a blurry photo of the pencil drawing. (this was also posted on twitter earlier, I just wanted to explain it a bit more here.)

As for the Milan convention, I cant wait to get back there. Turk will be joining me again on this trip, and I look forward to seeing the other cast of folks when we get there. Sure it sounds obvious, but I really look forward to these shows and the folks I get to see while there. I don’t do too many conventions, so it stays fresh for me. I can’t imagine being the sort of fella that goes to show after show. I just don’t think I like people enough for that, at least the crowds of people anyhow. I will of course post photos from the show and from around Milan. It’s a beautiful city, with some amazing artwork. It gets overshadowed by other grand cities in Italy, but should not be missed!

There are some tattoo photos in this posting as well (go figure) I have continued pretty lucky with my customers. They have really been giving me some great ideas, and then the freedom to run with them. I have had quite a few consultations with folks regarding upcoming appointments, and I cant get them started soon enough. Time management has become a constant battle. I need to just commit to a specific span of time to draw each day. easier said than done. The hour commute has its drawbacks for sure!

I have had some ideas for other blog posts, but I will need to just focus on one topic at a time. These epic update posts are fun, but I cannot get into anything too deeply. Watch for some slightly more focused themes in future posts. Until then here are a batch of photos to roll through…
Be well
here are some ref and layout photos of the new painting in the works...
 next are some tattoos and concept art. 

1st is a pair of drawings for the start of what will be a sleeve. these designs are intended to border an existing tattoo so it works with the rest of the sleeve. i'll post updated images as it goes along. it will be a pretty crazy tattoo when its all done. 


next up is a drawing and start of a hula girl. it was tricky placing this one as he wants to keep the web. we already did an aircraft carrier with an f-18 on the backside of the same arm. that was posted in a previous blog. this section will tie in with the other when all is said and done.


next up is a pretty deep concept piece. this is the start of what will fill from his knee down. it is to be tree people (think ents from lotr)  carrying children away from a ruined polluting city. this will be the largest closeup of one of them, the rest will zom out as it wraps around his leg. whenever i do a full wrapping image, it helps to use a large image that breaks up the vertical view. the idea is to break up the scene vertically so the perspective still works, even though it wraps around and meets itself.


the last tattoo is the first sitting from a burne hogarth illustration. i dont often copy someone elses artwork, but in this case, it was the perfect design. we will indeed be changing the design in the next sitting where i will be adding something to the open section of his head. so far the thought is a fetus in there, but it isnt 100% just yet. the guy that is getting this tattoo is another tattooer named frank rudy. he is a genuinely good fella, with some pretty damn cool paintings and tattoos of his own. he works out of timeless tattoos in bordentown nj.

the last photos are just some scenery shots from out and about. the snowy ones were a fluke day. i had no idea it was supposed to snow, and woke to about an inch and a half. nothing crazy, but it was all fresh out there, and i didnt want to pass a chance to go roaming around the property with hoss (our badass brussles griffon) the very last shot was one that one of my customers sent. it came out pretty rad and my mom likes to see pics of her little kid at work.


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