Thursday, February 11, 2010

1st day in Milan

After being driven to the airport by a dear friend, (thanks Jim) We flew out of JFK. We got out about an hour before they grounded flights due to the snowstorm hitting the east coast yet again. It sounds like it was a good one. The storm last week started a roof leak in the shop that did a fair bit of damage to the walls and floor. I can only hope this storm doesn't make things much worse as all the new snow melts.

As for the flight, it was uneventful beyond the woman sleeping on the floor next to us. She was spread out in the center exit row. Turk and I tried to get some photos of her, but didn't want to use the flash and scare the other sleeping folks.

Upon arrival at around 8am local, the customs folks were great. I only wish all border crossings were as uneventful as that one. We took the train from the airport to downtown Milan where we met an old friend of Turk's (and a new friend of mine) named Sandro. He and his girlfriend Elodie are kind enough to let us stay the week with them in their amazing apartment.

After settling in at the apartment and recovering from the long flight, sandro took us for a walk around the city. It was a grey chilly day, but fine for a long walk. We made our way through the park directly across from their apartment. Walked through a castle where Holly and I spend a good bit of time going through Two years ago. It brought a sense of familiarity that I didn't expect. Form there we made our way to the Duomo Cathedral. Again this was a place Holly and I spent a bunch of time on the last trip to Milan. Having said that, this visit was no less impressive. I took a ton of photos that I will post here, but will have another post when I get the other shots from my camera. The photos will have to work in place of description because there are no words for the feeling brought on by this place. Both turk and Sandro are not fond of heights, but we still went to the rooftop of the cathedral. Again photos will have to do it justice where words cannot.

After leaving the Duomo, we walked around the city visiting a few galleries and antique shops. We also came across a pretty amazing art supply shop. We each picked up some pencils and sketchbooks in hopes of making the time to do some life drawing around the city.

Upon returning to the apartment Sandro started cooking dinner and we relaxed until Edodie got home from work. We ate, drank lots of wine, and talked politics late into the night.

All in all a pretty amazing first day in town.

Location:Via Legnano,Milan,Italy

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