Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goodbye to a friend.

As some folks may know, Holly and I recently moved. For the past month or so we have been living in a home in Pipersville, PA. In that time we had the chance to get to know the property owners, the Hobsons, fairly well. They have been constantly around taking care of the massive property, mowing and gardening seemingly non stop.

I had the chance to sit with them a week or two ago while they fed the deer in the back yard. They casually mentioned, that day was their 53rd wedding anniversary. They went on to explain that they both worked their asses off for most of their lives just so they could enjoy moments like that one. Arnold had explained a bit more how the property has been in their family for generations, and how he had cut wheat in the upper field with a scythe when he was younger. Ann has amazed us by mowing what i believe is around 15-20 acres with their john deer riding mower. It takes several days each week to keep it just how they want. When I asked why they put so much time into the property, Arnold explained they had done so for 50 years, why stop now. While she mows, he works to keep up his lumber milling routine. Another labor of love that you can see he takes great pride in.

The home we are living in was built by hand by Ann's father and the care and craftsmanship shows in every room. We are truly blessed or lucky or whatever you want to say to have had the chance to be here for even the short time we have. Even more effecting is the time we have been able to have with Arnold and Ann. In the short time we have lived here they have really held a place in our hearts. Ann has kept a garden across from our home, and has surprised us with bounty from it a few times already. It has been like living next door to our grandparents.

Today we got the news that Ann passed away suddenly from a form of leukemia. She was admitted on saturday, and passed on Monday. A shock to everyone.

We miss her after little more than a month of knowing her. My heart is crushed to think how her high school sweetheart and husband of so many years will cope with her loss.

Generations of wisdom and life experience are vanishing every day. If you have the opportunity to spend time with folks from past generations and you pass it up, you are a fool.

Rest well Mrs. Hobson. You will be missed.

Location:Hollow Horn Rd,Pipersville,United States

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